1-0n-1 Or Group Coaching with Tyson

Through transparent and informative dialogue, the truth of your story comes to life. How? I will share my uncanny ability to connect with your sincere hopes and dreams. In return, you will be motivated to overcome barriers that may have hindered you in times past—ultimately empowering you to become more.

“For over 30 years, he has used his craft to impact the lives of others. In his new book, “Dream Another Dream” he speaks about the challenges childhood trauma brings and how to have hope for the future despite a traumatic past. Tyson made a difference in my life, and now he wants to reach the masses.” 
– Alison C. Peterson

Authentic Motivation & Actionable Content

Tyson is a skilled Motivational Speaker who knows how to inspire groups from all walks of life. His authentic and genuine approach is refreshing and liberating. Along with relevant content that will challenge participants and keep them fully engaged throughout. Your group will leave better than they came.

Educational Consultant & Academic Relations

For Educators and School Administrators-Specializing in Teacher and Student Relations for increased performance. Learn the art of “Identification” and how to effectively lead under resourced students to achieve better relationships, stay engaged and increase scholastic aspirations.

Team Building & Leadership Training

This program encourages the cooperation of Organizational Vision and its Workforce. Discover how your team can believe and pursuing a common goal, in spite of their social, economic, cultural, ethnic and personal differences? Participants gain a positive mindset and a desire to put their abilities into action in a harmonious way.

Communication & Relationship Building

For Individuals, Families, Pastors, Coaches, and Leaders-Effective communication is key to building relationships of value. It’s the foundation for understanding and building synergy. Without it, Families, communities, corporations, and all organizations fail in their efforts to achieve sustainable success. These strategies are duplicatable and structured for all people seeking to have better relationships on every level.

“Tyson Thompson is a consummate educator and business professional whose irresistible passion inspires everyone around him to challenge their own self-imposed limits and reach for goals they once thought were impossible.”
– Satisfied Client

Take the first step and let's create the life you've always dreamed of.