Gain the confidence and courage to speak up. Achieve success, earn respect, and reach your goals effortlessly in 45 days, or my help is free.

Speak up and get more done, guaranteed. Watch the video below.

Who Is This For?

Our coaching experience is designed exclusively for Business Leaders, Managers,or anyone with a Dream Facing These Challenges

Confidence & Peace of Mind

Say goodbye to missed job opportunities, weak relationships, and the feeling of being stuck, overlooked, and undervalued. With Courage, you’ll learn to easily navigate conversations, conveying your thoughts and ideas clearly without fear of rejection.

Conflict Management

Amplify Your Voice – Gain the ability to confront conflict, express your thoughts truthfully, and voice expectations in relationships. Courage is your key to thriving in life and overcoming self-limiting beliefs. Walk in authority and influence your situations.

Procrastination and Imposter Syndrome

A decisive, confident voice will skyrocket your impact and open countless doors of opportunities to pursue your dreams and pave the way for a better future. This approach will open your mindset and elevate your performance, relationships, and enthusiasm for life.

Struggle making new Connections and Building Community

Is being self-conscious or the judgment of others affecting your relationships? Be a people magnet and improve your people skills with proven strategies to empathize with others and understand their unique perspectives.

What to expect from this program

“For over 30 years, he has used his craft to impact the lives of others. In his new book, “Dream Another Dream” he speaks about the challenges childhood trauma brings and how to have hope for the future despite a traumatic past. Tyson made a difference in my life, and now he wants to reach the masses.” 

– Alison C. Peterson, MS, LPC Licensed Professional Counselor

“Tyson is an artist who has taken the broken pieces of his life and created an altar to which others can come and listen to the oracle of HIS truth. In so doing, they will find their way to DREAM ANOTHER DREAM.”

- Clifton LeMoure Taulbert, Prize-Winning Author”

How The Program Works

Learn how to embody the three primary mindsets for powerful living.

1. The "You Matter" Mindset

The breakdown of What is and Why Courage is necessary for self-awareness and confidence. Resulting in leadership qualities that boost your attractiveness so others desire your presence.

2. The “Courageous” Mindset

Understand your history and predispositions to conquer the often hidden emotional barriers that frustrates progress. 

3. The "We Matter" Mindset

Because no one succeeds alone, the skill to effectively articulate your plans and interact with others is necessary.  The secret is, the C.A.P. method (Context, Adaptability, Priority) to destress and simplify encounters and improve your ability to connect with anyone. 

My Story

Tyson’s journey reveals the impact of past trauma on individual performance—impeding collaboration and the attainment of goals.
In his published narrative, Dream Another Dream, he shares how to thrive beyond struggles, teaching how to persevere through life-altering events and the emotional barriers that hinder personal growth and cooperative achievement—concepts that make building and leading teams simple. 

As a behavioral health coach, Tyson is committed to living out the definition of his name, “firebrand,” which means to speak up for a cause and take action. His performance strategies target individual well-being so they work better with others.